Office space

Modern, flexible office infrastructure

Our modern office buildings offer an attractive variety of flexible office spaces, which are ideally adapted to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises in the ICT sector. Stylish architecture, quality infrastructure and historic buildings, which have been renovated with the latest technology, create a uniquely attractive environment for your company.

For larger companies there is also the option to order an entire office building on our expansion land or to have one built by an external construction firm.

Location with a future

Softwarepark Hagenberg is constantly expanding its office space, there are over 100,000 m² on offer for construction projects in order to meet your individual needs. New office buildings and infrastructure facilities are springing up all the time. Grow with us and find your ideal business HQ with air-conditioned offices and laboratories and seminar rooms with the latest in IT infrastructure. The fusion of state-of-the-art technology with a picturesque natural environment means that Softwarepark Hagenberg is able to offer the highest living standards.

Softwarepark Hagenberg management is on hand to provide information on free office spaces and personal consultations on moving here.

amsec is an office and laboratory building with modern building automation, it is a model of well-being, energy efficiency and overall cost efficiency. For this reason, companies which have taken up residence here are encouraged to collaborate with each other and free space to develop the software of tomorrow is created.


  • Flexible, comfortable and affordable office and laboratory space
  • 414 m² seminar rooms and event centre including event service
  • Office units starting at 24 m²
  • Building automation ensures a pleasant working and indoor climate
  • Cooling and heating by concrete core activation
  • Horizontal shading and gentle ventilation
  • Light deflection louvres provide ample lighting room without glare
  • Easily accessible storage areas starting at 7 m²
  • Underground parking (rental independent of office and laboratory areas)


  • Office space rental B: EUR 10.71/m²
  • Operating costs: EUR 3.63/m²
  • Storage space rental (incl. operating costs): EUR 6.30/m²
  • Heating and cooling costs: EUR 0.30/m²
  • Underground parking space: EUR 28.65/Month
    (+ EUR 4.48 in operating costs)

The ever-increasing amount of traffic makes living and working in one place an appealing option. This innovative building concept gives people who don’t want to lose time travelling between their office and apartment a new way of life. The offices can easily be combined with the adjoining apartments and also offer an optimal start to self-employment.


  • 930 m² office space - units from 20 m² to 70 m²
  • 23 apartments over 1500 m² - living areas from 45 m² to 107 m²
  • Social area and meeting room
  • Fitness room with shower
  • Underground and outdoor parking spaces


  • Rental: EUR 10.10/m² - EUR 12.62/m² (incl. operating costs, underground or outdoor parking space)
  • Heating costs: EUR 0.75/m² (Linz AG)
  • Air-conditioning costs: EUR 0.65/m² (Linz AG)

Modern workplaces for IT specialists in Hagenberg. The Business Campus One of the Softwarepark Hagenberg is an office building including innovative building automation.  The building has a completely flexible basic structure. Therefore companies are able to organize their offices individually. The building offers office spaces from 25 m² to about 880 m².


The equipment complies with the high demands of contemporary work:

  • flexible, comfortable office spaces from 25 m² and more
  • seminar room 
  • individual heating and cooling system in each room
  • pleasant climate in the office because of the building automation
  • flexible and proved infrastructure for electronics assembly, computer and telecommunications
  • illumination or lighting and shading are fully automated and individually adjustable
  • electronic access system
  • office rooms equipped with fibre-optic connection
  • car park for rent in the basement garage


  • office rent: € 10.80 / m²
  • operating costs: € 2.50 / m²
  • basement garage: € 50.00 / car park

With its state-of-the-art and multipurpose areas, the IT Centre office building is an economic hub of the software park.


  • Modern, high-quality, air-conditioned office units
  • 2700 m² office space
  • Units from 20 m² to 400 m²
  • 350 m² storage space for renters
  • Central atrium with cafeteria for talks and presentations
  • Seminar and meeting rooms equipped with modern technology
  • Underground and outdoor parking spaces


  • Rental: EUR 8.36/m² - EUR 9.00/m²
  • Operating costs: EUR 3.95/m²
  • Heating and air-conditioning: EUR 0.78/m²
  • Storage rental price: EUR 4.73/m²
  • Underground parking space: EUR 38.00/Month (+ EUR 5.00 operating costs)
  • Outdoor parking space: EUR 14.50/Month (+ EUR 2.50 operating costs)

Following its extensive renovation, The Meierhof – originally the castle’s dairy – is a particularly charming setting, boasting stylish architecture and offering companies the most modern infrastructure.


  • Modern infrastructure and impressive spaces
  • 4300 m² office space
  • Units from 12 m² to 260 m²
  • Open space in the beautiful inner courtyard
  • Outdoor parking spaces


  • Rental: EUR 7.00/m² - EUR 9.00/m²
  • Operating costs: EUR 3.15/m²
  • Heating and air-conditioning: EUR 0.63/m²
  • Free outdoor parking spaces

The central infrastructure and local supply centre Neue Mitte offers spaces for rent for everything from general trade, to offices, to healthcare.


  • Modern amenity centre
  • Business and office space partially at ground level
  • Exceptional customer traffic
  • Free choice of rental areas and options for development
  • Storage space
  • Underground and outdoor parking spaces


  • Rental price: starting at EUR 7.80/m² depending on expansion stage
  • Operating costs: EUR 2.50/m²
  • Heating costs, air-conditioning and electricity: dependent on consumption
  • Underground parking space: EUR 45.00 (+ operating costs)
  • Outright purchase possible
Foto: Dr. Sonja Mündl

Dr. Sonja Mündl

Manager Softwarepark Hagenberg
Phone: +43-7236-3343-404