“Softwarepark Hagenberg offers an ideal environment to sustainably position creative, innovative and solution-oriented IT services on the market: the close proximity to R&D facilities, a compact campus with many personal contacts, a renowned training centre for IT workers, and a network of competent and reliable partners for synergetic teamwork. What’s more, Softwarepark Hagenberg is well-known outside of Austria, which is very useful when it comes to finding new customers!“

Knud Steiner, Managing Director FAW GmbH

“After thoroughly searching for a new location in the Linz area, the decision to go to Hagenberg was an easy one for us: as an IT company where else do you have perfect infrastructure in combination with access to research, and in such an inspiring environment. The wide range of different companies in the software sector makes it very easy for us to seek cooperation with specialists in order to offer our customers the best solutions.

Jochen Landvoigt and Matthias Zwittag, Managing Directors SIWA Online GmbH

“The decision to move my company to Softwarepark Hagenberg was not difficult. The software park has a very good reputation, which has since proved a competitive advantage on many occasions. You have a very large network here, which means that you can find a competent partner and support for every area of IT. The Softwarepark management was a huge help to me when founding my company and moving here, and it continues to support me now.“

Verena Mitterlehner, CEO & Founder APPtimal Softwarelösungen e.U.

“The decisive factor in Softwarepark Hagenberg is the innovation chain, which has been successfully operating for over 25 years, from basic research, applied research and teaching to business. The interplay between these three components completely sets Softwarepark Hagenberg apart from all other industrialised parks. It is precisely due to this very significant basic research, whose results are subsequently developed in the form of projects with the industry as applied research, that Softwarepark Hagenberg is successful at transforming these results from basic research into highly intelligent software products and thus making high-quality products available to the industry.”

Univ. Prof. Dr. Roland Wagner, Chairman of the Institute for Application Oriented Knowledge Processing at JKU

“As a non-university research institution, we find a wide range of opportunities to cooperate with other companies and research institutes in the implementation of our international customer projects here. The proximity to the JKU institutes, in particular the RISC institute and the access to highly qualified graduates of the JKU and Hagenberg University of Applied Sciences, provides us with the ideal prerequisites for advancing our research and development activities at a state-of-the-art level.”

Wolfgang Freiseisen, Managing Director RISC Software GmbH