Prescriptive Analytics in Production - Softwarepark Hagenberg event series for it-experts

Softwarepark Hagenberg

Virtuell Online Event

16:00 - 18:30

Prescriptive Analytics in Production

February 24th 2021 | starting 4 pm
2nd event of the Softwarepark Hagenberg event series for IT-experts "Prescriptive Analytics" 2020/21

An established approach in the field of operations research is to apply mathematical optimization methods and metaheuristics to optimize production tasks. Optimization objectives typically consist of energy efficiency, throughput, on-time delivery, cost, quality or a multi-criteria combination of these or similar objectives. Prescriptive Analytics in production means the hybrid combination of such optimization techniques with simulation and machine learning. This opens up entirely new perspectives with regard to anticipatory planning and maintenance as well as systems that are capable of learning and reacting in real time.


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